Formidable Forklifts is the right choice for second hand forklifts in Adelaide and South Australia. We sell forklifts Australia wide and a large number of these go to Adelaide and South Australia.

We can organise freight to your door and offer a National Warranty Company warranty for added peace of mind. We also buy a lot of forklifts in Adelaide so the lift truck you are looking for maybe near by.

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May 18

Taking possession of a brand new or new-to-you forklift is fun. One of the reasons the people at Toyota are so dedicated to manufacturing and selling...

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Feb 17

When it comes to getting a new forklift, there are plenty of options available. These include buying new, renting (long and short term), leasing or...

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Jan 17

Typical flooded cell (or wet) forklift batteries should only be watered after charging. Typically, forklift batteries will only need to be watered on...

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