Cost V Manpower

Looking for a second hand forklift Melbourne? Many of our units are purchased in bulk from the Original Equipment Manufacturers, meaning we buy forklifts with all the fuel systems at the right price. Furthermore, we have over 100 years of new and secondhand forklift expertise in our sales team to assist you with making the right decision not only from a fuel perspective but also ensuring you get the right specification forklift, with the right attachment at the right price.

Generally speaking though, the highest cost associated with owning a Melbourne used forklift is not the monthly repayment, nor the annual maintenance costs…… it’s the person seated on the truck. With this in mind, all efforts should be made to employ not only forklifts but your forklift attachments to make your operation as efficient as possible.

Forklift attachments such as side shifting fork positioners, extender forks, layer pickers and slip sheeters to name a few eliminate costly man hours. It makes sense to explore what options are available to make your business more productive. Our objective is to work with you through this process and match the attachment to the forklift and ultimately, your application.

So whatever your used second hand forklift Melbourne and attachment needs are, Formidable Forklifts have a solution for you.